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#30 Self Analysis

Looking over the articles I’ve done I did notice a wide variety of topics that I wouldn’t normally go for. My biggest find was the movie Cyberbully. It hit home with me from my own years of being bullied and led me towards different topics than I chose the last two class cycles. I did notice I still went for the same genre and of the darker variety but I expanded on it. My Personal Game Idea is very dark as exampled in the Gameplay Pitch but it’s me. I’m not a bubbly person and my thoughts tend to be dark about some things. But Death and the world of the damned has always been an interest of mine and it’s a great way to express it.

Anime and manga are big inspirations to me. Each has its own unique story and moral value to learn. These are just a few that interest me as a viewer and a gamer. In my opinion anime/manga go hand-in-hand as they can be easily combined. A great example is Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 and 4. The 4th game is an anime series and the 3rd has a movie next month. But the biggest draw for me is the story. I am a writer and I’m published so I get drawn to a great story. A game can have amazing design and great battle sequences and mechanics but what is it all without a great story to tie it all together?

I don’t see a real pattern in my article except that they are topics that draw me in. I wanted several of the anime and movies so many times. Most of the games are ones that interest me and I look forward to one day playing. Research for this assignment has taught me a lot and made me really think about being a game designer. I may not like people and I don’t do well with crowds but I look forward to one day being on a team.

My twin sister and I are raising our nephews and we want to teach them that gaming isn’t bad like so many people are trying to say. It can expand their imagination and take them to new worlds that they would next see or experience otherwise.
I also took the suggestion of using a blog and created one. It’s been interesting creating and maintaining it but it’s worth it learning as I go.

#29 Anime/Manga: Fushigi Yuugi

+Viewers get to learn about the Four Directional Gods of Chinese lure.
+Viewers get to travel with the group and meet each member in time.
+ They get to experience Miakis’s confusion and life as she learns the new world and her role as the Priestess.
+ They get to experience the travels and trials with the team and all the fun they have.
-Death is inevitable and nobody is immune, not even Nariko.
-The team comes across many obstacles such as one member being turned bad, a love triangle, death and a false member.
- Miakis gets drawn back to her world for three months the team’s time and misses on many events and issues.
~ In a world as magical as their’s they should have ways to either prevent Miakis from being take back to her world or be able to bring her back easily.
~Nariko dies saving Miakis. They have a Healer that is suppose to be able to save the most tragic of injuries yet he can’t save his teammate?
~  The false member on the good team is a twin and both are on the bad team. When he dies his twin is throw out of his mind in a sense. There should be a way to pull him back.
Would Like:
* A way to prevent Miakis from leaving or to draw her back easily.
* the healer to save Nariko
*resurrect the twin of the bad group

#28 Anime/Manga: Naruto

+Viewers gets to watch the life of a bubbly Naruto and experience the ups and downs he has to live with as being both a Ninja and a Vessel for a Demon soul.
+The character Sasuke wasn’t in the original idea. One of the writer’s daughter created him and they felt he made a good addition.
+ Naruto connects with people of all ages on different level with all that he and his friends experience.
+ Viewers get to watch team 7 grow and develop. Sakura goes from love sick over Sasuke to independent and a power kinoichi. Sasuke goes from stonewall silent to traitor to just another missing-nin. And Naruto goes from a false happy child to a determined and powerful Ninja.
- Several favorite characters die in the series bring to light that they aren’t immortal.
-Sasuke goes bad and even with all the attempts at killing him, Naruto still wants to save him.
- Even after years of proving himself the Villagers still treat Naruto badly and often he risks his life to save them and they all but spit in his face. Partly because the Hikage keeps the secret of his parentage from everyone including Naruto.
- Even after they find out the story of Itachi, Sasuke kills him.
~ The council is corrupt and the Village needs to come together and disband it. Hokage should have the last word.
~As a child Naruto should never have lived alone. He should have been raised in a loving home with at least Iruka.
~  Naruto has to experience much more than any child ninja or not should experience. Someone should have stepped in at some point and said enough
~ All of the other children are taught the basics by their ninja parents. Naruto was ignored then expected to catch up when school started leaving him the butt of the jokes for not knowing.
Would Like:
* Disband the council
* Naruto raised by Iruka or at least living with him.
*Somebody to stick up for Naruto
* Somebody to teach Naruto early on the basics.

#27 Personal Game Idea: Death Becomes Us (PS2-PS4, RPG)

In Death Becomes Us the Grim Reaper hasn’t been doing his job collecting souls and it pitched the Universe off balance. So Death gets five begins to go around the world and gather the souls and to gain living souls as well. Living Souls are people that are on the verge of death or deserve to die for deeds they have done.
+ Players get to visit locations around the world in connection to souls they have to gather.
+ A moral meter keeps track of each character’s choices and they start to change appearance wise in connection to the meter.
+ Characters are teamed up in pairs to build each other up and support each other. They build experience together; take hits for each other and tag-team enemies.
+ There are challenges the Grim Reaper throws at the characters to prevent them from succeeding. Players must use the characters to figure out the challenge and to get passed it.
- The game is one to mess with people’s morals. Instead of taking the soul of a little girl dying painfully of cancer most would kill the drug dealer selling to kids and they would be wrong.
-Any characters that go too dark on the meter can pull down the team. Town’s people won’t allow them in or trust them so the whole team will be affected.
- Choosing just what exactly falls under good and bad when taking souls is difficult. Players have to figure it out on their own and hope for the best.
- Characters can die permanently. Their actions will deem if they get healed when needed and if they are too damned then the Angels won’t heal them thus ending their lives if they can’t get health potions.
~ Seeing as the characters travel around the world it would help to have something to keep track of their locations. Having a world map that can zoom in to locations and general areas would be very helpful.
~A soul counter would help keep track of the souls gained and lost. Some being lost due to tricks by Reaper and some expired from being held too long. Players would need to go and turn in souls before that happens.
~  A beacon that would flash across the screen when Reaper is near would help the players to keep tabs on their and his location.
~ Going online would add an interesting aspect to the game. It would allow teams to fight for souls or join up on missions.
Would Like:
* A map with zoom abilities.
* A soul counter
*A Reaper beacon
* Online capabilities

#25 Player’s Path for 5 seconds of Gameplay: Suikoden III(PS2, RPG)

+Players get to choose to play between three storylines of the three main characters.
+They learn the style of fighting their character uses and their ranking in the ‘world’
+ Players learn about runes and their uses which is part of the main focal point of the game.
+ Being able to view the game from three different points of view with a fourth onlooker point-of-view
- A lot of the storyline and events is repeated and players must do the same or similar actions.
-Players learn of the ranking their character holds in the world and learn how bad they have to fight to prove their selves.
- There aren’t tutorials about how to fight; players must figure it out on their own.
~ Players have to wait to gain an actual team with the youngest character. He has to prove himself to gain team members.
~Players have to figure a lot out on their own. They are only given little hints and tips about what to expect and do.
~  Players only see a small clip of each character before they must choose who to play as. To make the best choice they should know more about them and the style of fight they use.
Would Like:
* An actual team for the youngest character.
* A tutorial for fighting and runes.
* More information about the characters before players choose who to start as.

#24 Analysis in Game Balancing: Suikoden V (PS2, RPG)

+The game starts off with informing players the game is set in Queendom. This balances the game because it doesn’t let the citizens sympathize with the Prince as he runs and he has to earn trust and prove himself. Yet at the same time it allows him a chance to prove he isn’t like the bad guys that took over the Queendom.
+There are 108 stars players must get to get the best ending. To keep an overload of characters from needing a lot of information and stats there are only around 60 playable characters. But every character is vital to get the best ending.
+ Some characters are locked on the team for most of the game. To balance this out players are able to rearrange positions of players and change out the others whenever they are talking to Lucernia.
+ Even each ending has a balance. In one ending the Prince’s bodyguard and love interest dies. She held one of his family’s runes and when she dies he gains it giving him two. To prevent fear of him over throwing his sister and other people from gaining the runs he leaves with them.
- It would be too easy to be able to gather all of the characters through the whole game. So to balance the influx of members they have to be recruited in certain chapters of the game or they are lost.
-Again it would be too easy to just walk up to characters and say hey join me. Players have to complete tasks to get many to join but some are affected by actions and events from early in the game and how the player responded.
- Even after the players get required characters they have several chances of losing them thus preventing the perfect ending. This makes it so players have to work for the best ending.
- The castle expands as characters are gained but when this happens then already settled characters could move location.
~ Players have to go through trial and error with characters and obtaining them. Finding them isn’t always easy and if players don’t ask around then they can over look characters.
~An interest for the game would be a rank or percent bar that would show the player just how close they are to reaching the perfect ending.
~  Some characters that could really help with the game are found only at the end of the game. People want time with them and to learn about them.
~ Going to new locations is hard enough but when players go to several it can get confusing. So a map would be helpful. It would balance the effort of exploring.
Would Like:
* More hints on character locations.
* A percent bar of sorts to show progress.
*A map of the castle to show who is in what room and of each town.
* Get all characters before final chapter.

#23 Use a Lens: The Lens of Fun

+Fun is desirable in every game. Defying analysis adds to the fun of not knowing and discovering new things.
+Sometimes fun can be found by making the event a challenge into its self. For example, the worker who wants to beat his own time at doing his work. He makes the job a game he can enjoy and look forward to.
+ Fun can be a curiosity. Like wandering what happens if you press the giant red button. It feeds the child inside everyone.
+ Experimentation can be fun as well. Like a writer creating a new story or an artist making a masterpiece.
- Some companies draw a fine line between work and play and if it’s fun then it isn’t work. Fun can get write-ups and loss of work.
-Curiosity does run out for some people and when it does they get bored.
- Fun is a stimulation of the pleasure center of the mind. If it’s not stimulated enough then people tend to not enjoy something and deem it a waste of time.
- Creators have to be careful not to add in too much or to little stimulation or players will leave the game.
~ Fun is different for everyone. What one person enjoys another may need a bit more. Finding the best medium is key when luring in new and potential customers/player.
~People that can’t enjoy their work tend to be miserable in their everyday life. They should be allowed a little enjoyment during the workday. This can also increase productiveness.
~  People don’t want to be overly excited for long periods of time. To keep interest there needs to be levels of fun from fun to exciting and from funny too hilarious. Keep it changing but not too much or you lose interest.
~ People need to experiment with their interest. It allows fun and entertainment as well as creativity.
Would Like:
* To find the happy medium of fun for people.
* Encourage experimentation.
*To allow some play in all work.
* Different levels of fun.

#22 Response to a Bug report: Technical Glitch Affecting Xbox Store Front ( Xbox)

+ Increased sales for game not disappearing from the store website.
+Could have raised sales for some brands over others.
+ The issue was spotted by game providers and reported promptly.
+ Alerts company to a weakness in security.
- The bug affected both the online store and console stores.
- Could be a breach in security for a rival company.
- Affected part of series or made the main game unavailable but left booster packs still up.
- Huge drop in overall sales lowering profit.
~ Companies that provide games expect the best from the stores they use. Issues such as these can lower trust between companies.
~This could discourage people from shopping online at this store for fear of their information being leaked. Yes it’s a glitch in the system but glitches can open portals for hackers.
~  This could have increased the sales of available games since they were still visible.
Would Like:
* Better security. Players like knowing their private information stays just that.
* Sales to see product moving off the shelves.
*Compare sales of the affected and unaffected games.

#21 Analysis of a Postmortem Report from a Videogame: The Blockheads (iPad, genre)

+The idea was pulled from popular games the designer liked and enjoyed playing. They pulled from them and created a game they enjoy.
+ The game is updated often and new items are added.
+ It’s a free to play game game
- Was released too early to be a good and polished game. It was released with the intent to be updated and end results possibly changed.
-Was intended for a 4-player style but couldn’t find a reliable system in the time frame he used and had to settle on a 2-player system.
- Constant new content added.
- Gave their self a too quick of a timeline.
~ The designer released the game knowing it wasn’t the best it could be but it was playable. He left it so he could update and add stuff he wanted and if he felt like he wanted to change the end he could.
~Constantly adding new items and characters takes away from the experience. Players do like new content yes but in moderate amounts. It’s more interesting to have a go through with the game before adding new characters.
~ A year was just too short of a time for a game. The creator should have taken at least a year and a half or two years minimum.
Would Like:
* A complete game to be released as a whole without intent to change.
* A run through of the game before adding new content.
*The creator to take the time to search for reliable 4-player system

#20 Analysis of button mapping/controller use in a videogame: YuYu Hakusho The Dark Tournament (PS2, action/fighting)

+Uses the standard button system for the menu so players can easily pick up the controllers and get started.
+A quick guide is provided in the booklet for the battle buttons.
+ Most moves require a button plus another or a directional button. This keeps players focus on the game and the next move.
+ Character reaction time to the selected controls is surprisingly quick and there isn’t any hesitation.
- The battle buttons can be difficult for players that haven’t played the game before.
-Over complicated button combos drag the player reaction time down and can cause them to lose the fight.
- Players have to remember power moves; there isn’t any drop down menus for reminders like in the Tekken games.
~ Players tend to go blank during fights and having reminders of moves with a drop-down tab is very helpful. It’s especially difficult to remember with 25 different characters and each having different moves.
~The battle button combos, while basic, can be difficult to remember. Player should have tutorial options when the game first starts and when they start up from a save for a refresher.
~  Having so many characters is a great incentive to play, but that is too many moves to remember at once. While fighting it would be helpful is button suggestions appeared above the player’s character.
Would Like:
* Drop-down window with fight moves
* A Tutorial on the moves.
*Move suggestions appearing above character during fights.

#19 Analysis of Videogame Tutorial: Wartune (PC, multiplayer)

+Gives clear directions for players to follow.
+Players can take their time to read instructions. They click when to move on.
+ Everything it explained at the start of the game.
+ The basic instructions helps give players a quick idea of what to do.
- The tutorial can take time to load the text so it makes the game slower.
-It requires players to do things the tutorial says. Players must wait until its all done before collecting things.
- Everything is explained at the start of the game. Players can forget and they wont know what to do without trial and error then.
- The tutorial is very basic and doesn’t give great detail.
~ Players tend to get board with games, lose their consoles/PC to damage or repairs and go on vacation where they aren’t able to play. Players need a way to refresh the tutorial when they get t play again in case they forgot.
~The game is very similar to a few Kybam games and that makes the tutorial unnecessary to players of both companies. There should be a skip option in case they don’t want the tutorial.
~  The tutorial is rather basic. Some things need explained such as the troops in the barracks.
~ Players might have things they want to do between steps. They should be able to do so without triggering a glitch or issue.
Would Like:
* Tutorial tab for reference.
* Optional tutorial
*Better details in tutorial
* Break up tutorial

Friday, October 25, 2013

#18 Multiplayer Videogame: Wartune (PC, multiplayer)

+Encourages interacting with other players and making teams.
+Players build up their own cities, armies and teams.
+ Great HUD layout. Everything is in perfect position for players so they don’t need to search for things.
+ Great design that interacts with players and draws their attention in.
-When players reach an enemy instead of fighting in realtime the game changes screens and interrupts the flow of the game.
- Players must use real money to gain large amount or rare items
- The walkthrough is helpful but slows down the game play.
- A lot of the fighting is auto-battle with little player input.
~ Part a great game is being able to control the battles. It gives players control and makes them strategize assaults. An option to control the battle should be made.
~Players like to gain items in large amount, it risks less of their troops and builds up faster. Money shouldn’t e the first option.
~  To run faster the game asks to download some information to player computers. This opens up virus and hacking doorways.
~ Having actual battles to take over spots like mines is a good design. It helps players associate with ownership. There needs to be a good defense to protect them.
Would Like:
* Auto-battle to be an option not defaults.
* A way to gain large amounts of items without using money
* Ways to speed up gameplay without downloads needed in player computers.
* Good Protection for owned locations like mines

#17 Sports: Tennis (none)

+Keeps players active and in shape.
+ Challenges players to use known moves or create new ones to beat their opponent.
+ Can teach teamwork in double or if a member of an overall team.
+ Teaches speed, endurance, strength, hand-eye coordination, predictability and so much more that helps people in every day life.
- High chance of injuries to the elbows, shoulders and knees from use and constant movement.
-Lung issues can keep people from playing, as they will have problems keeping up with healthier players.
- In doubles players have to constantly be aware of their partner’s location and actions at all times.
- Often mistaken for a simple game, new players can get in over their heads very quickly.
~ This sport can often be grueling on it’s players and spectators don’t really get to have a meet the player event before or after a match. This would be the perfect time for fans to learn about the game and meet their idols.
~Matches can go on for hours. There should be a halftime type of break if a game goes over a certain time. This will give players time to rest, get a drink, snack or patched up.
~  Tennis takes a lot of creativity for players to figure out a strategy on what moves to use and how to disguise moves to fool their opponent
~ Tennis is a great sport to teach teamwork and important health facts most schools are looking for. Tennis would be great for schools to acquire as a sport for competitions.
Would Like:
* More meet the player events.
* A ‘halftime’ after so long of playing.
*A book about tennis strategy
* More schools to have tennis

#16 Pre-1990’s Videogame: Super Mario Bros. 1985(NES, Storyline)

+Brought console gaming back into the good graces of gamers everywhere.
+ Introduces the Princess, Bowser and several other iconic characters.
+ Even after 20 years the design and music in memorable to gamers everywhere.
+ Simple and easy to use button system. Even with all the rereleases on different systems the buttons are easy to use.
- New players to the game may not appreciate the time it takes to remember the timing for Mario to jump and hit items, bad guys and over obstacles.
-The design may be considered old school and not attract new players.
- The simplicity of the game lacks a challenge and can leave players wanting more.
- Fighting Bosses is difficult. The area of movement is small and players can’t run off to heal and run back in. And no double jump so jumping over bad guys is very difficult.
~ Super Mario Bros is a classic game and millions of games are drawn to it to play over the years. But an upgrade in design would draw in a bigger crowd. Giving a more human realistic appearance to the characters would draw players in.
~With an upgrade in design an upgrade in controls would add appeal. Being able to run, double jump or climb would make the game more interesting.
~  The only real challenge to the game is figuring out how to fight the boss and timing. The game needs challenges so players don’t get bored. Like missions to gather so much gold or kill so many monsters.
~ Even with upgrades the characters should stay in their normal intent. No added weapons or clothes etc that weren’t intended for the original design.
Would Like:
* Upgrade design giving a human realistic appearance.
* Upgrade in controls and movement
*To stick to the original design as much as possible with the upgrades.

#15 Analyze a Dominate Strategy: Kitchen Scrambler (PC, Social through Facebook)

The dominant strategy would be to go for the customers that have the recipes that are complicated or have premium ingredients to gain the most money. Do the smaller requests during wait time.
+This strategy has players earning money quicker to meet their goals.
+Doing the small things during down time keep your character moving and money coming in.
+ Complicated recipes take more time and ingredients so it cost more to make thus encourages players to think quick and get stuff together and ready for the next step.
+ This strategy teaches players to be quick on their feet and think on the fly to get the food made and to the customer.
- This strategy if not done correctly could cost the player the round. Timing is everything.
- Players have to stay on top of the recipes and what step they are on while remembering smaller recipes.
- If players forget an item they could have to start the whole recipe over again. Thus backing up the kitchen and losing customers.
- If players don’t remember to do the small orders during down time then they won’t reach their money goal.
~ Timing is everything in this game. Every items has a different mix, cook or bake time. And they also have different sit times, meaning different amount of times they can stay in the pan, pot or oven after cooking is done before the player has to start over. Dishes get complicated with multiple ingredients that need cooked because oe item could take 10 seconds to cook but only wait 5 and another may take 15 seconds to cook and 10 seconds to wait but if you don’t time it correctly then something burns and the cooking needs to start over.
~ Happy customers give more money. The longer they wait the less money you get. Coffee appeases them for a time but only makes two cups. Players should be able to buy bigger coffee pots.
~  Sometimes customers come wanting either the same thing or things made with the same machines. Players can only have one of each machine and upgrade it. After certain levels they should be able to expand to better use the strategy.
~ Players could attempt to reverse the order for the strategy but it doesn’t work very well. Yes several small orders would get done quicker but that’s less money. The issue it that the customers have the same amount of patience for small orders as they do big when they should have more patience for bigger orders.
Would Like:
* Better times for items used together to help prevent burning.
* More or bigger coffee pots.
* To expand the amount of items players can get.
* More patience for big order customers.

#14 Poorly Rated Video Game: Total War: Rome II Rated 3.8 (Sega, real-time strategy)

+Carries the strengths of the first game and adds different factions and armies.
+ The low rating will let players know the game isn’t up to its hype.
+ Considered a technical achievement
+ Campaigns offer depth to the game and the mechanics are well honed.
- Flawed AI. Full of glitches and bugs.
- Released too early and isn’t worth the price.
- The huge map might seem daunting to some players.
- Only sporadic moments of greatness
~ Total War: Rome II should have done extensive testing to check for bugs and glitches.
~ Based on the site the critique’s reviews are mixed and even player reviews vary. There needs to be a scheduled group testing to get a collective review.
~  The moments of greatness need to be worked on to advance the game and make it more interesting to players.
~ A lot of players liked the design but not the AI. Fix the AI and you get yourself a great game players will love.
Would Like:
* Extensive testing for bugs and glitches.
* Group testing to get a collective review.
*Moments of greatness expanded upon.

#13 Highly Rated Video Game: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn ranked 7.4(PC, massively multiplayer)

+The game has been completely recreated after the disaster of an original version.
+ Players find the new creation to be a game to appreciate by Final Fantasy veterans.
+ The game focuses on rebirth with a new world and storyline to follow making it better than version one.
+ The game has been found to be very broad in it’s mechanics, dense with content and the design gorgeous.
- Being a recreation FFXIV has to overcome the stigma of a version 1 flop.
- While FF veterans will be willing to give XIV another shot, new players to the genre may not be interested if they base opinions from the first version.
- The game is receiving bad reviews due to a bug/glitch that prevents people from logging on the site and creating characters.
- As players increase in level control panels (mouse and keyboard) becomes less viable and can possible divide the PS3 users from the PC users.
~ A big issue that divides players is the problems with changing from one console to another and trying to quickly adapt to those controls. Yes there are players that do this normally but there are diehard PlayStation users or PC goers that get convinced to try the other have issues.
~ Players should always try the new version of a game. Recreations often have missing items, new storylines and missions.
~  Players should understand the difference between site issues and game glitches. Giving bad reviews based on site issues brings down the game when the game is better than people will think if the reviews bring its ranking down.
~ Players that tried the flop of a fist version may not be interested in continuing the new version after the free month trial is over. Players that had subscriptions to the first game should get longer free trials or special gifts to encourage return gaming.
Would Like:
* Players to try new versions of the game.
* A linking control panel between PC and PlayStation.
* A player to stop giving bad reviews on the game when it’s the site giving issues.
* Longer free trials or special gifts to encourage return gaming.

#12 Response: the Pioneers! O Pioneers (poem)

This poem can be read and understood in many ways. I’m taking the stand of an Indian speaking to the Pioneers that are seen traveling through the new Western portion of America.
+ This poem takes on a strong voice. It makes the readers really think and try to understand what is being said.
+ From the view of an Indian the Pioneers are a confused group that doesn’t know the land or what they are getting into moving West.
+They wish for the future generations to be strong and proud.
+ After a while they feel we must unite to be strong and move forward to a stronger future.
- They see the Pioneers as rude and lacking in manners and throwing away teachings of old to seek the new.
-It seems in some parts the Indians fear the death of man and nature with the moving in of the Easterners.
- The poem feels as if the Indians are foretelling the imminent death of the people.
- The poem is about preparing for a war.
~ The sense of doom the reader adds to the story makes it feel as if they feel death is the only outcome for their part in battle.
~The poem seems to start off speaking of Indians with the description of their skin, which race is it? The Whites in a war towards the Indians or vise verses?
~  The reader speaks of forgetting about old teachings. Is it a comment towards the youth of the country?
~ It talks of future things. Is it encouraging youth to try it out, embrace new technology.
Would Like:
* To know if death was the outcome
* To know which war this was for
* To know if the comments are towards one group of people or all people.
* To Know if embracing the future is the best option.

#11 HUD: Monster Legends (PC through Facebook, strategy)

+Everything surrounds the game so that the player sees the game but can see their gold count and food total as players collect it.
+ It’s easy to see the goals to reach and then the achievements tab when the level is reached.
+ The arrangement of the initial set up of the game is compliment to HUD as well. The island that players start on fits perfectly in the center of the displays.
+ When players enter the travel to battle section the display set up has easy to see and notice boards and displays.
- In the travel to battle section the display is cut off. The boards cut across the center of the screen distracting the player’s attention.
-When the achievements tab appears missions’ leave. Players have to click on the tab to make a box appear to see achievements instead of having any taking the place of goals.
- When a player expands to fullscreen the top display doesn’t spread out to accommodate.
- The full screen and zoom buttons are out of the easy to glance at area. Players have to check the bottom corner to find them.
~ When in full screen it would be ascetically pleasing if the top displays spread out so it wasn’t covering the game but also not preventing players from adjusting easier with the side bars moving out.
~ Most games have the full screen and zoom buttons on a tab on the bottom display. It’s easy to find and most players know where and what it is without searching for it.
~  Achievements needs to have some of the goals visible. Players like quick access to information when playing a game and having a few on displays would help out.
~ An addition that could be added is a mix sheet for when players are breeding their creatures. It would be on a side display and when a player hovered over a creature three optional mixes would appear. If it’d been used before or the player owned the mixed results then the results would appear as well.
Would Like:
* Top display to spread out in full screen.
* Full screen and zoom buttons moved to bottom display.
* Display achievements.
* Add a mix sheet for creatures with the results if owned or previously mixed.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

#10 Memorable Game: Dirge Of Cerberus (PlayStation 2, RPG)

+ A spin-off game from Final Fantasy VII about the popular character Vincent Valentine.
+Player get to learn about the mysterious Vincent and his past.
+ The cast from Final Fantasy VII is in the game but not as playable characters.
+ Can shift into Vincent’s Wolf form.
- The game is broken up into sections and players are graded on how well they did in battle, missions etc.
-Areas can be hard to navigate and players can end up in trouble if they go the wrong way.
- The wolf form has a time limit and there is a huge loss in strength and attack power when you shift back during battle.
- The cast of FFVII does interact a whole lot in the game until the middle on.
~ Vincent shouldn’t be in this alone, the guys from FFVII should be there with him.
~Learning about how Vincent was betrayed is heart wrenching. Then learning Vincent has his love in a crystal and is trying to find a way to free her is even more so.
~ Using sections does allow for players to go back and redo areas for better grades and prizes.  
Would Like:
* Interaction from the FFVII cast
* Longer use of the Wolf form.
*The game not broken up into sections.
* An easier way to navigate areas

#9 Movie: Rise of the Guardians (Movie)

+ Encourages kids to believe in the Holiday Spirits and Fairytale beings.
+ Creates fun and laughter in the hearts of children and adults.
+ Brings out the kid in everyone as they watch Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc interact to save and protect the child innocent of believing.
+ Shows strength of character and teaches that even when it seems all is lost; there is still hope if you have friends by your side.
- Teaches kids that for every good there is a bad, so that means the boogey man is just as real.
- Kids may get upset when they start to see the Spirits of the Holidays start to lose their Holidays. May cry when Sandman ‘dies’.
- There is a lot left open at the end of the movie, a lot of questions unanswered.
- Man in the Moon doesn’t really talk he just gives vague pictures.
~ The twist of the Yeti being the workers is an interesting spin. The elves being adorable pests just add to it.
~Seeing the Spirits team up and fight evil together encourages creativity and imagination in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.
~Even though Jack learned of how he died and who he was, nothing came of it. It was almost like an after thought.
~ The Russian Military Santa is a unique spin. It pulls on their name for Santa.
Would Like:
* To see a sequel.
* More Spirits brought in.
*To see some results with Jack’s past being learned.
* to see if there is a Mrs. Clause

#8 Web browser Game: Pop ‘n Drop (Download, online game)

+ Can be seen as educational. Can teach colors and matching.
+Challenges players with having to figure out ways to reach balls above blocks.
+ Different patterns keep players interested.
+ The game adds more colors and speeds up as players progress.
- Color changing balls later on make matching tricky.
-Bouncing the ball off the wall to reach far up balls is tricky and leaves a large chance of error.
- The speeding up plus added colors makes it difficult to beat levels.
- If players aren’t careful when trying to shoot around blocks they can get balls stuck on the blocks and add to the ones they have to eliminate.
~Both added colored balls and speed should not happen at the same time. Maybe one occur one round and the other to occur the next.
~If a player makes a match attached to a block then that block should be eliminated as well.
~Players should get to choose if they get more challenging patterns. This would give plays some control and a choice.
~ There should be more balls and the option the change out balls if the color is not reachable.
Would Like:
* Eliminate blocks attached to matches.
* Introduce more colors one at a time.
*Increase speed a round after a new ball is added.
* Choices given to players about their next pattern.

#7 Social Game: Hidden Shadow (Facebook Beta game)

+ Players get to experience a version of investigation. They are the investigator and the crimes are their cases.
+Players have to search ‘crime scenes’ for clues and evidence. The faster they find items the better a score they get.
+ If players need certain items then they can send a request to a friend or post the their FaceBook wall.
+ Players are kept on their toes with random items about the case being placed in areas as players built up stars to do questioning.
- Energy is limited. Each search takes 30 points and that adds up quickly.
- Players have to earn stars in areas so they can gain items for speed up. This takes time and energy.
- If players don’t have speed-ups then analyzing evidence can take several real life hours.
- Some scenes are dark making it harder to see items in cubbies, edges on the screen and under items.
~ Energy is slow to rebuild. Taking 30 points of it every search is a bit much. Maybe drop it to 15 or 10?
~ The pages need to be brighter. Yes the game I dark themed but that doesn’t mean make it near impossible to see items.
~It shouldn’t be so hard to gain speed-ups. If a player has 2 evidences then they can do storyline searches until the first one is analyzed, it takes away from the game.
~ It would be fun if players could team up with fellow players for big cases and extra experience.
Would Like:
* Less energy consumption for searches.
* Easier ways to gain speed-ups.
*Brighter scene, the darkness is hard to see through.
* Team up with fellow players for awesome prizes.

#6 The Feedback Loop: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, RPG)

The Feedback of leveling up experience and learning skills.
+ Character build up skills in items with experience but are able to level up at the same time.
+ Gaining experience for skills makes it so the characters can use skills without wearing the item that holds/teaches it.
+ Experience isn’t taken from leveling up, its as if they are two separate groups.
+ If a character is learning a skill and they change items, the experience freezes on that item and can resume when reequipped.
- Some skills are greyed out unless certain characters wear it.
-Some items and their skills are hare to find so when a player finds it is expensive and takes a lot of experience to build up.
- One character has to eat enemies to gain their skills. It is very time consuming and tedious.
- If characters have more than one item on that has a skill to learn it takes longer because the experience is divided between the two.
~The characters vary in skill and ability so why does everyone but 1 gain skills and abilities the same way?
~Why do some characters learn skills off an item faster than others?
~Reserve characters should gain experience as well. That way they are around the same level as the active characters.
~ Instead of splitting the experiences for multiple skills being learned, it should focus on 1 or be player’s choice.
Would Like:
* Hints at where to locate hard to find items.
* List of creatures or general areas of where creatures are that give skills when eaten.
* Players choose if the skill experience gets split or not.
* Reserve characters to gain experience too.

#5 Anime/Manga: InuYasha (anime/manga)

InuYasha is about a young girl named Kagome that falls into a well at her family’s Shrine in Japan. She ends up being teleport to Feudal Japan, a time when demons roamed the land. She runs into a half-demon or hanyou named InuYasha and frees him from his tree prison only to learn she is the reincarnate of a Miko or Priestess and her former self is the one that trapped him. Her former self was the Guardian of a very powerful item called the Shikon Jewel and when she died it was burned with her body. After several attacks by demons Kagome learns that the jewel is inside her and when it is removed a bad demon steals it. She shoots it with an arrow thus shattering it and sending the shards across the land. So with the help of InuYasha and a rag-tag bunch they team up with along the way, they set out to find all the shards so they put the jewel together again.

+ InuYasha touches on Japanese myth and teaches the viewers about the creatures and beings believed to roam Japan at one time.
+InuYasha has a moral lesson about overcoming adversity. Each member of the team that joins has a story to tell and past to overcome. The Monk Miroku has a Wind Tunnel on his hand and eventually it will grow big enough to consume him. He slows down the progress by wearing sprit beads on that hand. He chose to use the Wind Tunnel to aid InuYasha and Kagome and joins them in hopes to find a way to be rid of the curse. Sango the Demon Slayer lost her whole village to a slaughter massacre cause by the possessed corpse of her younger brother.  She travels with the group to avenge her village, free her brother and help. Shippo is a fox demon that is an orphan he travels with the group to hopefully avenges his parents’ murder.
+ The storyline continues through the series, it isn’t an anime that goes episode by episode.
+ It encourages viewers to use their imagination and expect the unexpected.
- Some issues and events drag on when they should end after a period of time.
- Kagome becomes very controlling in the series and it feels as if she shouldn’t have that ability when such strong people surround her.
- Some of the side characters and enemies aren’t shown enough so viewers don’t learn as much about them as they’d like. For example Sesshomaru is InuYasha’s older half brother and he shows up from time to time in attempts to gain InuYasha’s sword and to kill him but we don’t know too much more.
- The love triangle between InuYasha, Kagome and passed self Kikyo gets old after half of a season of the series. It gets used and brought up for several seasons.
~ InuYasha is a detailed anime. It keeps the viewers watch even with it running 9 seasons and 4 movies. The overall purpose remains the same but new travels and adventures keep the plot interesting and new.
~ Side characters that make a large impact on the series should have bigger roles. They help bring the plot in a full circle but they don’t get the focus they are due.
~ There should be more interaction between the travel group and Kagome’s time. InuYasha can travel to her time and does often but do too much there except a few battles and interacting with her family.
Would Like:
* Large impact side characters to get more interaction with the group and viewers.
* Less of the love triangle. It should have ended with the end of the first season.
*More information about side characters. They are important to the story and development of the character’s design, they usually bring out certain reactions that are pivotal to the character’s development to the series.
* More interaction with Kagome’s timeline with the travel team. They should impact that world as well.