Friday, October 25, 2013

#18 Multiplayer Videogame: Wartune (PC, multiplayer)

+Encourages interacting with other players and making teams.
+Players build up their own cities, armies and teams.
+ Great HUD layout. Everything is in perfect position for players so they don’t need to search for things.
+ Great design that interacts with players and draws their attention in.
-When players reach an enemy instead of fighting in realtime the game changes screens and interrupts the flow of the game.
- Players must use real money to gain large amount or rare items
- The walkthrough is helpful but slows down the game play.
- A lot of the fighting is auto-battle with little player input.
~ Part a great game is being able to control the battles. It gives players control and makes them strategize assaults. An option to control the battle should be made.
~Players like to gain items in large amount, it risks less of their troops and builds up faster. Money shouldn’t e the first option.
~  To run faster the game asks to download some information to player computers. This opens up virus and hacking doorways.
~ Having actual battles to take over spots like mines is a good design. It helps players associate with ownership. There needs to be a good defense to protect them.
Would Like:
* Auto-battle to be an option not defaults.
* A way to gain large amounts of items without using money
* Ways to speed up gameplay without downloads needed in player computers.
* Good Protection for owned locations like mines

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