Saturday, October 26, 2013

#22 Response to a Bug report: Technical Glitch Affecting Xbox Store Front ( Xbox)

+ Increased sales for game not disappearing from the store website.
+Could have raised sales for some brands over others.
+ The issue was spotted by game providers and reported promptly.
+ Alerts company to a weakness in security.
- The bug affected both the online store and console stores.
- Could be a breach in security for a rival company.
- Affected part of series or made the main game unavailable but left booster packs still up.
- Huge drop in overall sales lowering profit.
~ Companies that provide games expect the best from the stores they use. Issues such as these can lower trust between companies.
~This could discourage people from shopping online at this store for fear of their information being leaked. Yes it’s a glitch in the system but glitches can open portals for hackers.
~  This could have increased the sales of available games since they were still visible.
Would Like:
* Better security. Players like knowing their private information stays just that.
* Sales to see product moving off the shelves.
*Compare sales of the affected and unaffected games.

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