Saturday, October 12, 2013

#4 Menu Use: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 (PlayStation 2, RPG)

Use of the Velvet Room Persona book and Fusion Menu
+ Navigating the menu options is simple and easy to figure out. But for those that need it, there is a walk through the first time you use it and anytime something is added.
+ Everything is easy to read and when a player selects an option there is a summary of what it can do.
+ As gamers play new options are opened to choose from. They are more advanced fusions that the original one that was open. When fused Personas can have abilities from one or all of the cards used to fuse them that they wouldn’t normally have.
+ One option is the Persona book where players can look to see what Personas they have captured and what their last save status was in the book. Players can purchase the Personas back with the book if they have open slots.
- The stronger the Persona the more expensive it is to purchase back. Strong fusions or strong abilities add up the money.
- The button usage is a bit odd in the book. If players aren’t careful then they might look at history of the creature or save over a powerful version with a weaker one.
- Players have to remember to save the Personas as they use them. Any experience, new abilities or skills are lost if the player doesn’t save their progress in the book before fusing or dismissing.
- The new abilities of fusion can take a while to open for the players to use. So they are stuck with basic fusions.
~Tutorials should be optional; the menu is easy enough to navigate without help.
~ There should be a fusion table to let players know what they have mixed and the results or what is needed to be mixed for each fusion.
~The only way to make space for more Personas is for the player to dismiss them, fuse them or level up to certain levels. There should be a menu option that will allow players to put their current Personas in a holding book.
~ There should be an option in the menu to look at team member’s Personas and use experience or items to build them up.
Would Like:
* Optional tutorials.
* Personas should be able to be placed in a holding book.
* Persona’s statuses and build-ups to automatically saved as progress is made.
* To be able to look at team member’s Personas in the menu area and possibly build them up.

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