Saturday, October 26, 2013

#28 Anime/Manga: Naruto

+Viewers gets to watch the life of a bubbly Naruto and experience the ups and downs he has to live with as being both a Ninja and a Vessel for a Demon soul.
+The character Sasuke wasn’t in the original idea. One of the writer’s daughter created him and they felt he made a good addition.
+ Naruto connects with people of all ages on different level with all that he and his friends experience.
+ Viewers get to watch team 7 grow and develop. Sakura goes from love sick over Sasuke to independent and a power kinoichi. Sasuke goes from stonewall silent to traitor to just another missing-nin. And Naruto goes from a false happy child to a determined and powerful Ninja.
- Several favorite characters die in the series bring to light that they aren’t immortal.
-Sasuke goes bad and even with all the attempts at killing him, Naruto still wants to save him.
- Even after years of proving himself the Villagers still treat Naruto badly and often he risks his life to save them and they all but spit in his face. Partly because the Hikage keeps the secret of his parentage from everyone including Naruto.
- Even after they find out the story of Itachi, Sasuke kills him.
~ The council is corrupt and the Village needs to come together and disband it. Hokage should have the last word.
~As a child Naruto should never have lived alone. He should have been raised in a loving home with at least Iruka.
~  Naruto has to experience much more than any child ninja or not should experience. Someone should have stepped in at some point and said enough
~ All of the other children are taught the basics by their ninja parents. Naruto was ignored then expected to catch up when school started leaving him the butt of the jokes for not knowing.
Would Like:
* Disband the council
* Naruto raised by Iruka or at least living with him.
*Somebody to stick up for Naruto
* Somebody to teach Naruto early on the basics.

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