Friday, October 25, 2013

#14 Poorly Rated Video Game: Total War: Rome II Rated 3.8 (Sega, real-time strategy)

+Carries the strengths of the first game and adds different factions and armies.
+ The low rating will let players know the game isn’t up to its hype.
+ Considered a technical achievement
+ Campaigns offer depth to the game and the mechanics are well honed.
- Flawed AI. Full of glitches and bugs.
- Released too early and isn’t worth the price.
- The huge map might seem daunting to some players.
- Only sporadic moments of greatness
~ Total War: Rome II should have done extensive testing to check for bugs and glitches.
~ Based on the site the critique’s reviews are mixed and even player reviews vary. There needs to be a scheduled group testing to get a collective review.
~  The moments of greatness need to be worked on to advance the game and make it more interesting to players.
~ A lot of players liked the design but not the AI. Fix the AI and you get yourself a great game players will love.
Would Like:
* Extensive testing for bugs and glitches.
* Group testing to get a collective review.
*Moments of greatness expanded upon.

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