Saturday, October 12, 2013

#7 Social Game: Hidden Shadow (Facebook Beta game)

+ Players get to experience a version of investigation. They are the investigator and the crimes are their cases.
+Players have to search ‘crime scenes’ for clues and evidence. The faster they find items the better a score they get.
+ If players need certain items then they can send a request to a friend or post the their FaceBook wall.
+ Players are kept on their toes with random items about the case being placed in areas as players built up stars to do questioning.
- Energy is limited. Each search takes 30 points and that adds up quickly.
- Players have to earn stars in areas so they can gain items for speed up. This takes time and energy.
- If players don’t have speed-ups then analyzing evidence can take several real life hours.
- Some scenes are dark making it harder to see items in cubbies, edges on the screen and under items.
~ Energy is slow to rebuild. Taking 30 points of it every search is a bit much. Maybe drop it to 15 or 10?
~ The pages need to be brighter. Yes the game I dark themed but that doesn’t mean make it near impossible to see items.
~It shouldn’t be so hard to gain speed-ups. If a player has 2 evidences then they can do storyline searches until the first one is analyzed, it takes away from the game.
~ It would be fun if players could team up with fellow players for big cases and extra experience.
Would Like:
* Less energy consumption for searches.
* Easier ways to gain speed-ups.
*Brighter scene, the darkness is hard to see through.
* Team up with fellow players for awesome prizes.

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