Friday, October 25, 2013

#15 Analyze a Dominate Strategy: Kitchen Scrambler (PC, Social through Facebook)

The dominant strategy would be to go for the customers that have the recipes that are complicated or have premium ingredients to gain the most money. Do the smaller requests during wait time.
+This strategy has players earning money quicker to meet their goals.
+Doing the small things during down time keep your character moving and money coming in.
+ Complicated recipes take more time and ingredients so it cost more to make thus encourages players to think quick and get stuff together and ready for the next step.
+ This strategy teaches players to be quick on their feet and think on the fly to get the food made and to the customer.
- This strategy if not done correctly could cost the player the round. Timing is everything.
- Players have to stay on top of the recipes and what step they are on while remembering smaller recipes.
- If players forget an item they could have to start the whole recipe over again. Thus backing up the kitchen and losing customers.
- If players don’t remember to do the small orders during down time then they won’t reach their money goal.
~ Timing is everything in this game. Every items has a different mix, cook or bake time. And they also have different sit times, meaning different amount of times they can stay in the pan, pot or oven after cooking is done before the player has to start over. Dishes get complicated with multiple ingredients that need cooked because oe item could take 10 seconds to cook but only wait 5 and another may take 15 seconds to cook and 10 seconds to wait but if you don’t time it correctly then something burns and the cooking needs to start over.
~ Happy customers give more money. The longer they wait the less money you get. Coffee appeases them for a time but only makes two cups. Players should be able to buy bigger coffee pots.
~  Sometimes customers come wanting either the same thing or things made with the same machines. Players can only have one of each machine and upgrade it. After certain levels they should be able to expand to better use the strategy.
~ Players could attempt to reverse the order for the strategy but it doesn’t work very well. Yes several small orders would get done quicker but that’s less money. The issue it that the customers have the same amount of patience for small orders as they do big when they should have more patience for bigger orders.
Would Like:
* Better times for items used together to help prevent burning.
* More or bigger coffee pots.
* To expand the amount of items players can get.
* More patience for big order customers.

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