Saturday, October 12, 2013

#3 Manga: Gundam Wing A/C (anime/ manga)

In the year A.C. (After Colony) 195 five freedom fighters use Mobile Suits called “Gundams” to strike back against the oppressive secret society called OZ. The Pilots are:
Gundam Pilot 01 Herro Yuy. “The Perfect Soldier”
Gundam: Wing, later Wing Zero
Gundam Pilot 02 Duo Maxwell “Shinigami”
Gundam: Deathscythe, later Deathscythe Hell
Gundam Pilot: 03 Trowa Barton
Gundam: Heavyarms
Gundam Pilot 04 Quatre Reberbe Winner
Gundam: Sandrock
Gundam Pilot 05 Chang Wufei
Gundam: Shen-Long Nataku, later Alto-Long Nataku

+ Gundam Wing shows people that no matter what your age you can achieve your goal as long as you fight for it. Never give up and always look towards the future. And when your back is against the wall, your friends will be there to help you.
+It teaches people that no matter what race you are or where you come from, you can still become the strongest of friends.
+ The design on the anime is very detailed and encourages viewers to pay attention so they don’t miss anything.
+ The action, adventure and storyline all surround the 5 Pilots. It tells their stories, goals and purpose for being where they are and doing what they do.
- Some of the background information is never mentioned and viewers have to go to the website in hopes of learning what they are looking for.
- Being Freedom Fighters, the Pilots only answer to the ‘Doctors’ that created the suit they use. This being said several times in the series they are on opposite sides of the war and the others don’t know if it’s for good or if it’s undercover.
- Unless teamed together or staying together, the Pilots often didn’t know where each other were, their status or which side they were on. To begin with they didn’t know who each other were either.
- In the end, to show good faith the Gundams are destroyed. But the mobile suits they fought against remained.
~ Some bits are left to the viewers’ imagination, such as what happened to Triton, Catherine from the Circus’s brother? This should be explained.
~ The pilots should have destroyed decoy suits instead of the real ones. There is always the chance of another uprising or war on the horizon and they would not be prepared.
~ Certain interactions between Pilots leave the viewers and yaoi lovers, with hints of possible relationships. This wasn’t built upon in the series.
~ Thinking about my post I realize I’m basing it off the Americanized version of the anime. Content, certain relationships and certain amounts of violence are edited out when brought to American TV.
Would Like:
* Un edited anime. There are more violent shows out there, gay relationships are real and people should get over it and it’s a war anime so there should be violence and possible torture.
* The background to be filled out more. This would give the viewers a better understanding of the characters and the situation they are in.
* The Pilots should have been better informed of their fellow Pilots. Yes ignorance leaves no witness but then again it also leaves one defenseless.
* Development of the relationships that are hinted at. It would add to the story and bring in a wider audience.

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