Saturday, October 26, 2013

#27 Personal Game Idea: Death Becomes Us (PS2-PS4, RPG)

In Death Becomes Us the Grim Reaper hasn’t been doing his job collecting souls and it pitched the Universe off balance. So Death gets five begins to go around the world and gather the souls and to gain living souls as well. Living Souls are people that are on the verge of death or deserve to die for deeds they have done.
+ Players get to visit locations around the world in connection to souls they have to gather.
+ A moral meter keeps track of each character’s choices and they start to change appearance wise in connection to the meter.
+ Characters are teamed up in pairs to build each other up and support each other. They build experience together; take hits for each other and tag-team enemies.
+ There are challenges the Grim Reaper throws at the characters to prevent them from succeeding. Players must use the characters to figure out the challenge and to get passed it.
- The game is one to mess with people’s morals. Instead of taking the soul of a little girl dying painfully of cancer most would kill the drug dealer selling to kids and they would be wrong.
-Any characters that go too dark on the meter can pull down the team. Town’s people won’t allow them in or trust them so the whole team will be affected.
- Choosing just what exactly falls under good and bad when taking souls is difficult. Players have to figure it out on their own and hope for the best.
- Characters can die permanently. Their actions will deem if they get healed when needed and if they are too damned then the Angels won’t heal them thus ending their lives if they can’t get health potions.
~ Seeing as the characters travel around the world it would help to have something to keep track of their locations. Having a world map that can zoom in to locations and general areas would be very helpful.
~A soul counter would help keep track of the souls gained and lost. Some being lost due to tricks by Reaper and some expired from being held too long. Players would need to go and turn in souls before that happens.
~  A beacon that would flash across the screen when Reaper is near would help the players to keep tabs on their and his location.
~ Going online would add an interesting aspect to the game. It would allow teams to fight for souls or join up on missions.
Would Like:
* A map with zoom abilities.
* A soul counter
*A Reaper beacon
* Online capabilities

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