Saturday, October 12, 2013

#5 Anime/Manga: InuYasha (anime/manga)

InuYasha is about a young girl named Kagome that falls into a well at her family’s Shrine in Japan. She ends up being teleport to Feudal Japan, a time when demons roamed the land. She runs into a half-demon or hanyou named InuYasha and frees him from his tree prison only to learn she is the reincarnate of a Miko or Priestess and her former self is the one that trapped him. Her former self was the Guardian of a very powerful item called the Shikon Jewel and when she died it was burned with her body. After several attacks by demons Kagome learns that the jewel is inside her and when it is removed a bad demon steals it. She shoots it with an arrow thus shattering it and sending the shards across the land. So with the help of InuYasha and a rag-tag bunch they team up with along the way, they set out to find all the shards so they put the jewel together again.

+ InuYasha touches on Japanese myth and teaches the viewers about the creatures and beings believed to roam Japan at one time.
+InuYasha has a moral lesson about overcoming adversity. Each member of the team that joins has a story to tell and past to overcome. The Monk Miroku has a Wind Tunnel on his hand and eventually it will grow big enough to consume him. He slows down the progress by wearing sprit beads on that hand. He chose to use the Wind Tunnel to aid InuYasha and Kagome and joins them in hopes to find a way to be rid of the curse. Sango the Demon Slayer lost her whole village to a slaughter massacre cause by the possessed corpse of her younger brother.  She travels with the group to avenge her village, free her brother and help. Shippo is a fox demon that is an orphan he travels with the group to hopefully avenges his parents’ murder.
+ The storyline continues through the series, it isn’t an anime that goes episode by episode.
+ It encourages viewers to use their imagination and expect the unexpected.
- Some issues and events drag on when they should end after a period of time.
- Kagome becomes very controlling in the series and it feels as if she shouldn’t have that ability when such strong people surround her.
- Some of the side characters and enemies aren’t shown enough so viewers don’t learn as much about them as they’d like. For example Sesshomaru is InuYasha’s older half brother and he shows up from time to time in attempts to gain InuYasha’s sword and to kill him but we don’t know too much more.
- The love triangle between InuYasha, Kagome and passed self Kikyo gets old after half of a season of the series. It gets used and brought up for several seasons.
~ InuYasha is a detailed anime. It keeps the viewers watch even with it running 9 seasons and 4 movies. The overall purpose remains the same but new travels and adventures keep the plot interesting and new.
~ Side characters that make a large impact on the series should have bigger roles. They help bring the plot in a full circle but they don’t get the focus they are due.
~ There should be more interaction between the travel group and Kagome’s time. InuYasha can travel to her time and does often but do too much there except a few battles and interacting with her family.
Would Like:
* Large impact side characters to get more interaction with the group and viewers.
* Less of the love triangle. It should have ended with the end of the first season.
*More information about side characters. They are important to the story and development of the character’s design, they usually bring out certain reactions that are pivotal to the character’s development to the series.
* More interaction with Kagome’s timeline with the travel team. They should impact that world as well.

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