Friday, October 25, 2013

#16 Pre-1990’s Videogame: Super Mario Bros. 1985(NES, Storyline)

+Brought console gaming back into the good graces of gamers everywhere.
+ Introduces the Princess, Bowser and several other iconic characters.
+ Even after 20 years the design and music in memorable to gamers everywhere.
+ Simple and easy to use button system. Even with all the rereleases on different systems the buttons are easy to use.
- New players to the game may not appreciate the time it takes to remember the timing for Mario to jump and hit items, bad guys and over obstacles.
-The design may be considered old school and not attract new players.
- The simplicity of the game lacks a challenge and can leave players wanting more.
- Fighting Bosses is difficult. The area of movement is small and players can’t run off to heal and run back in. And no double jump so jumping over bad guys is very difficult.
~ Super Mario Bros is a classic game and millions of games are drawn to it to play over the years. But an upgrade in design would draw in a bigger crowd. Giving a more human realistic appearance to the characters would draw players in.
~With an upgrade in design an upgrade in controls would add appeal. Being able to run, double jump or climb would make the game more interesting.
~  The only real challenge to the game is figuring out how to fight the boss and timing. The game needs challenges so players don’t get bored. Like missions to gather so much gold or kill so many monsters.
~ Even with upgrades the characters should stay in their normal intent. No added weapons or clothes etc that weren’t intended for the original design.
Would Like:
* Upgrade design giving a human realistic appearance.
* Upgrade in controls and movement
*To stick to the original design as much as possible with the upgrades.

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