Saturday, October 26, 2013

#23 Use a Lens: The Lens of Fun

+Fun is desirable in every game. Defying analysis adds to the fun of not knowing and discovering new things.
+Sometimes fun can be found by making the event a challenge into its self. For example, the worker who wants to beat his own time at doing his work. He makes the job a game he can enjoy and look forward to.
+ Fun can be a curiosity. Like wandering what happens if you press the giant red button. It feeds the child inside everyone.
+ Experimentation can be fun as well. Like a writer creating a new story or an artist making a masterpiece.
- Some companies draw a fine line between work and play and if it’s fun then it isn’t work. Fun can get write-ups and loss of work.
-Curiosity does run out for some people and when it does they get bored.
- Fun is a stimulation of the pleasure center of the mind. If it’s not stimulated enough then people tend to not enjoy something and deem it a waste of time.
- Creators have to be careful not to add in too much or to little stimulation or players will leave the game.
~ Fun is different for everyone. What one person enjoys another may need a bit more. Finding the best medium is key when luring in new and potential customers/player.
~People that can’t enjoy their work tend to be miserable in their everyday life. They should be allowed a little enjoyment during the workday. This can also increase productiveness.
~  People don’t want to be overly excited for long periods of time. To keep interest there needs to be levels of fun from fun to exciting and from funny too hilarious. Keep it changing but not too much or you lose interest.
~ People need to experiment with their interest. It allows fun and entertainment as well as creativity.
Would Like:
* To find the happy medium of fun for people.
* Encourage experimentation.
*To allow some play in all work.
* Different levels of fun.

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