Saturday, October 12, 2013

#8 Web browser Game: Pop ‘n Drop (Download, online game)

+ Can be seen as educational. Can teach colors and matching.
+Challenges players with having to figure out ways to reach balls above blocks.
+ Different patterns keep players interested.
+ The game adds more colors and speeds up as players progress.
- Color changing balls later on make matching tricky.
-Bouncing the ball off the wall to reach far up balls is tricky and leaves a large chance of error.
- The speeding up plus added colors makes it difficult to beat levels.
- If players aren’t careful when trying to shoot around blocks they can get balls stuck on the blocks and add to the ones they have to eliminate.
~Both added colored balls and speed should not happen at the same time. Maybe one occur one round and the other to occur the next.
~If a player makes a match attached to a block then that block should be eliminated as well.
~Players should get to choose if they get more challenging patterns. This would give plays some control and a choice.
~ There should be more balls and the option the change out balls if the color is not reachable.
Would Like:
* Eliminate blocks attached to matches.
* Introduce more colors one at a time.
*Increase speed a round after a new ball is added.
* Choices given to players about their next pattern.

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