Saturday, October 26, 2013

#25 Player’s Path for 5 seconds of Gameplay: Suikoden III(PS2, RPG)

+Players get to choose to play between three storylines of the three main characters.
+They learn the style of fighting their character uses and their ranking in the ‘world’
+ Players learn about runes and their uses which is part of the main focal point of the game.
+ Being able to view the game from three different points of view with a fourth onlooker point-of-view
- A lot of the storyline and events is repeated and players must do the same or similar actions.
-Players learn of the ranking their character holds in the world and learn how bad they have to fight to prove their selves.
- There aren’t tutorials about how to fight; players must figure it out on their own.
~ Players have to wait to gain an actual team with the youngest character. He has to prove himself to gain team members.
~Players have to figure a lot out on their own. They are only given little hints and tips about what to expect and do.
~  Players only see a small clip of each character before they must choose who to play as. To make the best choice they should know more about them and the style of fight they use.
Would Like:
* An actual team for the youngest character.
* A tutorial for fighting and runes.
* More information about the characters before players choose who to start as.

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