Saturday, October 26, 2013

#30 Self Analysis

Looking over the articles I’ve done I did notice a wide variety of topics that I wouldn’t normally go for. My biggest find was the movie Cyberbully. It hit home with me from my own years of being bullied and led me towards different topics than I chose the last two class cycles. I did notice I still went for the same genre and of the darker variety but I expanded on it. My Personal Game Idea is very dark as exampled in the Gameplay Pitch but it’s me. I’m not a bubbly person and my thoughts tend to be dark about some things. But Death and the world of the damned has always been an interest of mine and it’s a great way to express it.

Anime and manga are big inspirations to me. Each has its own unique story and moral value to learn. These are just a few that interest me as a viewer and a gamer. In my opinion anime/manga go hand-in-hand as they can be easily combined. A great example is Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 and 4. The 4th game is an anime series and the 3rd has a movie next month. But the biggest draw for me is the story. I am a writer and I’m published so I get drawn to a great story. A game can have amazing design and great battle sequences and mechanics but what is it all without a great story to tie it all together?

I don’t see a real pattern in my article except that they are topics that draw me in. I wanted several of the anime and movies so many times. Most of the games are ones that interest me and I look forward to one day playing. Research for this assignment has taught me a lot and made me really think about being a game designer. I may not like people and I don’t do well with crowds but I look forward to one day being on a team.

My twin sister and I are raising our nephews and we want to teach them that gaming isn’t bad like so many people are trying to say. It can expand their imagination and take them to new worlds that they would next see or experience otherwise.
I also took the suggestion of using a blog and created one. It’s been interesting creating and maintaining it but it’s worth it learning as I go.

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