Friday, October 25, 2013

#17 Sports: Tennis (none)

+Keeps players active and in shape.
+ Challenges players to use known moves or create new ones to beat their opponent.
+ Can teach teamwork in double or if a member of an overall team.
+ Teaches speed, endurance, strength, hand-eye coordination, predictability and so much more that helps people in every day life.
- High chance of injuries to the elbows, shoulders and knees from use and constant movement.
-Lung issues can keep people from playing, as they will have problems keeping up with healthier players.
- In doubles players have to constantly be aware of their partner’s location and actions at all times.
- Often mistaken for a simple game, new players can get in over their heads very quickly.
~ This sport can often be grueling on it’s players and spectators don’t really get to have a meet the player event before or after a match. This would be the perfect time for fans to learn about the game and meet their idols.
~Matches can go on for hours. There should be a halftime type of break if a game goes over a certain time. This will give players time to rest, get a drink, snack or patched up.
~  Tennis takes a lot of creativity for players to figure out a strategy on what moves to use and how to disguise moves to fool their opponent
~ Tennis is a great sport to teach teamwork and important health facts most schools are looking for. Tennis would be great for schools to acquire as a sport for competitions.
Would Like:
* More meet the player events.
* A ‘halftime’ after so long of playing.
*A book about tennis strategy
* More schools to have tennis

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