Friday, October 25, 2013

#11 HUD: Monster Legends (PC through Facebook, strategy)

+Everything surrounds the game so that the player sees the game but can see their gold count and food total as players collect it.
+ It’s easy to see the goals to reach and then the achievements tab when the level is reached.
+ The arrangement of the initial set up of the game is compliment to HUD as well. The island that players start on fits perfectly in the center of the displays.
+ When players enter the travel to battle section the display set up has easy to see and notice boards and displays.
- In the travel to battle section the display is cut off. The boards cut across the center of the screen distracting the player’s attention.
-When the achievements tab appears missions’ leave. Players have to click on the tab to make a box appear to see achievements instead of having any taking the place of goals.
- When a player expands to fullscreen the top display doesn’t spread out to accommodate.
- The full screen and zoom buttons are out of the easy to glance at area. Players have to check the bottom corner to find them.
~ When in full screen it would be ascetically pleasing if the top displays spread out so it wasn’t covering the game but also not preventing players from adjusting easier with the side bars moving out.
~ Most games have the full screen and zoom buttons on a tab on the bottom display. It’s easy to find and most players know where and what it is without searching for it.
~  Achievements needs to have some of the goals visible. Players like quick access to information when playing a game and having a few on displays would help out.
~ An addition that could be added is a mix sheet for when players are breeding their creatures. It would be on a side display and when a player hovered over a creature three optional mixes would appear. If it’d been used before or the player owned the mixed results then the results would appear as well.
Would Like:
* Top display to spread out in full screen.
* Full screen and zoom buttons moved to bottom display.
* Display achievements.
* Add a mix sheet for creatures with the results if owned or previously mixed.

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