Saturday, October 26, 2013

#20 Analysis of button mapping/controller use in a videogame: YuYu Hakusho The Dark Tournament (PS2, action/fighting)

+Uses the standard button system for the menu so players can easily pick up the controllers and get started.
+A quick guide is provided in the booklet for the battle buttons.
+ Most moves require a button plus another or a directional button. This keeps players focus on the game and the next move.
+ Character reaction time to the selected controls is surprisingly quick and there isn’t any hesitation.
- The battle buttons can be difficult for players that haven’t played the game before.
-Over complicated button combos drag the player reaction time down and can cause them to lose the fight.
- Players have to remember power moves; there isn’t any drop down menus for reminders like in the Tekken games.
~ Players tend to go blank during fights and having reminders of moves with a drop-down tab is very helpful. It’s especially difficult to remember with 25 different characters and each having different moves.
~The battle button combos, while basic, can be difficult to remember. Player should have tutorial options when the game first starts and when they start up from a save for a refresher.
~  Having so many characters is a great incentive to play, but that is too many moves to remember at once. While fighting it would be helpful is button suggestions appeared above the player’s character.
Would Like:
* Drop-down window with fight moves
* A Tutorial on the moves.
*Move suggestions appearing above character during fights.

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