Saturday, October 12, 2013

#6 The Feedback Loop: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, RPG)

The Feedback of leveling up experience and learning skills.
+ Character build up skills in items with experience but are able to level up at the same time.
+ Gaining experience for skills makes it so the characters can use skills without wearing the item that holds/teaches it.
+ Experience isn’t taken from leveling up, its as if they are two separate groups.
+ If a character is learning a skill and they change items, the experience freezes on that item and can resume when reequipped.
- Some skills are greyed out unless certain characters wear it.
-Some items and their skills are hare to find so when a player finds it is expensive and takes a lot of experience to build up.
- One character has to eat enemies to gain their skills. It is very time consuming and tedious.
- If characters have more than one item on that has a skill to learn it takes longer because the experience is divided between the two.
~The characters vary in skill and ability so why does everyone but 1 gain skills and abilities the same way?
~Why do some characters learn skills off an item faster than others?
~Reserve characters should gain experience as well. That way they are around the same level as the active characters.
~ Instead of splitting the experiences for multiple skills being learned, it should focus on 1 or be player’s choice.
Would Like:
* Hints at where to locate hard to find items.
* List of creatures or general areas of where creatures are that give skills when eaten.
* Players choose if the skill experience gets split or not.
* Reserve characters to gain experience too.

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