Saturday, October 12, 2013

#10 Memorable Game: Dirge Of Cerberus (PlayStation 2, RPG)

+ A spin-off game from Final Fantasy VII about the popular character Vincent Valentine.
+Player get to learn about the mysterious Vincent and his past.
+ The cast from Final Fantasy VII is in the game but not as playable characters.
+ Can shift into Vincent’s Wolf form.
- The game is broken up into sections and players are graded on how well they did in battle, missions etc.
-Areas can be hard to navigate and players can end up in trouble if they go the wrong way.
- The wolf form has a time limit and there is a huge loss in strength and attack power when you shift back during battle.
- The cast of FFVII does interact a whole lot in the game until the middle on.
~ Vincent shouldn’t be in this alone, the guys from FFVII should be there with him.
~Learning about how Vincent was betrayed is heart wrenching. Then learning Vincent has his love in a crystal and is trying to find a way to free her is even more so.
~ Using sections does allow for players to go back and redo areas for better grades and prizes.  
Would Like:
* Interaction from the FFVII cast
* Longer use of the Wolf form.
*The game not broken up into sections.
* An easier way to navigate areas

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