Saturday, October 26, 2013

#21 Analysis of a Postmortem Report from a Videogame: The Blockheads (iPad, genre)

+The idea was pulled from popular games the designer liked and enjoyed playing. They pulled from them and created a game they enjoy.
+ The game is updated often and new items are added.
+ It’s a free to play game game
- Was released too early to be a good and polished game. It was released with the intent to be updated and end results possibly changed.
-Was intended for a 4-player style but couldn’t find a reliable system in the time frame he used and had to settle on a 2-player system.
- Constant new content added.
- Gave their self a too quick of a timeline.
~ The designer released the game knowing it wasn’t the best it could be but it was playable. He left it so he could update and add stuff he wanted and if he felt like he wanted to change the end he could.
~Constantly adding new items and characters takes away from the experience. Players do like new content yes but in moderate amounts. It’s more interesting to have a go through with the game before adding new characters.
~ A year was just too short of a time for a game. The creator should have taken at least a year and a half or two years minimum.
Would Like:
* A complete game to be released as a whole without intent to change.
* A run through of the game before adding new content.
*The creator to take the time to search for reliable 4-player system

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