Friday, October 25, 2013

#13 Highly Rated Video Game: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn ranked 7.4(PC, massively multiplayer)

+The game has been completely recreated after the disaster of an original version.
+ Players find the new creation to be a game to appreciate by Final Fantasy veterans.
+ The game focuses on rebirth with a new world and storyline to follow making it better than version one.
+ The game has been found to be very broad in it’s mechanics, dense with content and the design gorgeous.
- Being a recreation FFXIV has to overcome the stigma of a version 1 flop.
- While FF veterans will be willing to give XIV another shot, new players to the genre may not be interested if they base opinions from the first version.
- The game is receiving bad reviews due to a bug/glitch that prevents people from logging on the site and creating characters.
- As players increase in level control panels (mouse and keyboard) becomes less viable and can possible divide the PS3 users from the PC users.
~ A big issue that divides players is the problems with changing from one console to another and trying to quickly adapt to those controls. Yes there are players that do this normally but there are diehard PlayStation users or PC goers that get convinced to try the other have issues.
~ Players should always try the new version of a game. Recreations often have missing items, new storylines and missions.
~  Players should understand the difference between site issues and game glitches. Giving bad reviews based on site issues brings down the game when the game is better than people will think if the reviews bring its ranking down.
~ Players that tried the flop of a fist version may not be interested in continuing the new version after the free month trial is over. Players that had subscriptions to the first game should get longer free trials or special gifts to encourage return gaming.
Would Like:
* Players to try new versions of the game.
* A linking control panel between PC and PlayStation.
* A player to stop giving bad reviews on the game when it’s the site giving issues.
* Longer free trials or special gifts to encourage return gaming.

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