Saturday, October 26, 2013

#19 Analysis of Videogame Tutorial: Wartune (PC, multiplayer)

+Gives clear directions for players to follow.
+Players can take their time to read instructions. They click when to move on.
+ Everything it explained at the start of the game.
+ The basic instructions helps give players a quick idea of what to do.
- The tutorial can take time to load the text so it makes the game slower.
-It requires players to do things the tutorial says. Players must wait until its all done before collecting things.
- Everything is explained at the start of the game. Players can forget and they wont know what to do without trial and error then.
- The tutorial is very basic and doesn’t give great detail.
~ Players tend to get board with games, lose their consoles/PC to damage or repairs and go on vacation where they aren’t able to play. Players need a way to refresh the tutorial when they get t play again in case they forgot.
~The game is very similar to a few Kybam games and that makes the tutorial unnecessary to players of both companies. There should be a skip option in case they don’t want the tutorial.
~  The tutorial is rather basic. Some things need explained such as the troops in the barracks.
~ Players might have things they want to do between steps. They should be able to do so without triggering a glitch or issue.
Would Like:
* Tutorial tab for reference.
* Optional tutorial
*Better details in tutorial
* Break up tutorial

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