Friday, October 25, 2013

#12 Response: the Pioneers! O Pioneers (poem)

This poem can be read and understood in many ways. I’m taking the stand of an Indian speaking to the Pioneers that are seen traveling through the new Western portion of America.
+ This poem takes on a strong voice. It makes the readers really think and try to understand what is being said.
+ From the view of an Indian the Pioneers are a confused group that doesn’t know the land or what they are getting into moving West.
+They wish for the future generations to be strong and proud.
+ After a while they feel we must unite to be strong and move forward to a stronger future.
- They see the Pioneers as rude and lacking in manners and throwing away teachings of old to seek the new.
-It seems in some parts the Indians fear the death of man and nature with the moving in of the Easterners.
- The poem feels as if the Indians are foretelling the imminent death of the people.
- The poem is about preparing for a war.
~ The sense of doom the reader adds to the story makes it feel as if they feel death is the only outcome for their part in battle.
~The poem seems to start off speaking of Indians with the description of their skin, which race is it? The Whites in a war towards the Indians or vise verses?
~  The reader speaks of forgetting about old teachings. Is it a comment towards the youth of the country?
~ It talks of future things. Is it encouraging youth to try it out, embrace new technology.
Would Like:
* To know if death was the outcome
* To know which war this was for
* To know if the comments are towards one group of people or all people.
* To Know if embracing the future is the best option.

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