Saturday, October 26, 2013

#29 Anime/Manga: Fushigi Yuugi

+Viewers get to learn about the Four Directional Gods of Chinese lure.
+Viewers get to travel with the group and meet each member in time.
+ They get to experience Miakis’s confusion and life as she learns the new world and her role as the Priestess.
+ They get to experience the travels and trials with the team and all the fun they have.
-Death is inevitable and nobody is immune, not even Nariko.
-The team comes across many obstacles such as one member being turned bad, a love triangle, death and a false member.
- Miakis gets drawn back to her world for three months the team’s time and misses on many events and issues.
~ In a world as magical as their’s they should have ways to either prevent Miakis from being take back to her world or be able to bring her back easily.
~Nariko dies saving Miakis. They have a Healer that is suppose to be able to save the most tragic of injuries yet he can’t save his teammate?
~  The false member on the good team is a twin and both are on the bad team. When he dies his twin is throw out of his mind in a sense. There should be a way to pull him back.
Would Like:
* A way to prevent Miakis from leaving or to draw her back easily.
* the healer to save Nariko
*resurrect the twin of the bad group

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